Up to 80% of your processing cost gone. Guaranteed.

Join other business operators who have lowered their monthly card payment processing fees over 80% by using the new SwipeNow “Cash Discount Program” we call Unlimited.

SwipeNow has partnered with a company that has developed an exclusive (patented) technology, which eliminates a major portion of total card payment processing costs. The payment terminal software program for the Cash Discount is designed to encourage customers to pay by cash or gift card. As part of the regular standard list product pricing a small service charge (either fixed amount or a percentage) is applied to all sales. A discount is automatically applied when customers pay with cash or gift card. No discount is given when paying by debit card or credit card. The patented software automatically determines all discounts and actions based on payment type.

  • Compliant with all Card Brand Rules
  • No Pin Pad Required
  • EMV Chip Card Compatible (October 2015 requirements)
  • 100% PCI Security Card Data Compliant
  • Apple Pay Compatible Free Online Report
Unlimited Processing by SwipeNow

The Unlimited Processing Program

Currently, merchants pay a fee each time a credit or debit card is processed. With the Unlimited Processing Program merchants:

Pay a monthly SET FEE of for all card transactions.

How do we do it?

Your customer is assessed a fee on each transaction, however if your customer pays with cash the fee is waived. When a customer pays with a card, the fee collected is used to pay the card fees you would have paid, saving you time, effort, and money!