Credit Card Processing for E-Commerce

In this modern “online” world, it’s rather easy to make the internet work for you, and your web presence is crucial in today’s markets.  Having a web presence and the right payment options to handle your customers’ needs are equally important.  E-Commerce has grown continually over the last decade because of its ease of use and the fact that customers can order, pay for, and receive their product without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Building an online merchant account without the proper knowledge of how it should be done is risky both to you and your customer, so it’s very important to use a professional merchant services company to set up your web presence.  Your merchant partner should know the online sales industry and how to securely set up an online payment account, while also providing you with the tools you’ll need to successfully and efficiently accept debit and credit card payments online.

E-Commerce Solutions from SwipeNow

Processing transactions reliably and securely is essential to your business. Authorize.Net, the leading Internet Protocol (IP) based payment gateway, provides solutions you can trust. More than 166,000 merchants depend on Authorize.Net to process their transactions, assist in the prevention of fraud, and help their businesses grow.