Accept payment on your smartphone

SwipeNow is advancing the mobile revolution in payments for businesses. Merchants looking to embrace the latest mobile technologies to deliver rich, new shopping experiences and create new connections with their consumers.

SwipeNow leverages the power of mobile and web — Integrating them with the changing face of retail and payment collection to bring new shopping and payment experiences to consumers everywhere.

  • Enhance the customer experience by enabling the sales force with powerful mobile retailing apps.
  • Move beyond the counter and accept payment anywhere business takes you.

Tech savvy consumers are looking to maximize the capabilities of their advanced mobile device to make everyday tasks, including payments, more convenient. Going mobile has never been easier or more effective. Provide the “wow” factor for a customer by harnessing the power of smartphones and tablet computers and delivering the powerful apps that will transform merchant-consumer interactions.

Clover Go

Clover Go is the smartphone credit card processing option from one of the world’s largest processors. With the Clover Go, you can take major credit and debit cards, including new EMV chip cards. These days, there are lots of options for mobile credit card processing. Contact our team at SwipeNow to see if the Clover Go is the right choice for your business.

Swipe. Dip. Repeat.
No matter what kind of card your customer is paying with—debit, credit, swipe or EMV chip— Clover Go is a mobile card reader that can take it.

Back office support
This tiny device is packed with possibility. With Clover Go you get intuitive reporting on sales activity, business insights and more.

Always connected
Need more than being mobile? Clover Go works seamlessly with other Clover devices so every payment is accounted for.

Clover Flex - Mobile Processing

Clover Flex is a fully mobile Point of Sale (POS) system built to handle everything life throws at you. Take payment at the job-site, or curbside. Flex has built-in WiFi and LTE connectivity and a lithium-ion battery to provide no-fail redundancy.

Accept all payment types.
Let your customers pay how they want to pay. Swipe, dip, or tap. Credit or debit. NFC payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay and more. Now twice as fast.

100% Mobile
The most complete, fully mobile setup in the Clover ecosystem. Flex is a full-fledged POS, terminal, and business management system. All in the palm of your hand.

100% Secure
Protect your business and customer information with end-to-end encryption and data tokenization, integrated EMV chip sensors, and fingerprint logins.

dejavoo systems z9 mobile payment terminal

The Dejavoo Systems Z-9 Wireless Terminal allows the versatility of using the GPRS data networks or
connecting to a Wi-Fi network.  This is the perfect combination for any mobile merchant. Supporting both 4G/3G GSM networks, the Z9 connects directly to the host platform as an IP transaction over the wireless radio, eliminating the need for costly gateways.

Touch Friendly.
The large, sleek touch screen provides easy, user-friendly navigation with the benefit of signature on the display, ideal for the merchant on the go.

Plenty of power
The enhanced, high-power battery offers improved performance and a longer life. Charge between uses with simple USB-C.

Go Green
Go green with electronic receipt options, send receipts to consumers via email or SMS text message!