SwipeNow Stimulus Package

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Save money on every transaction

Most businesses in the home building industry are paying processing fees every time a customer makes a purchase. The credit card merchant processing fee that a business pays typically ranges between 2% and 4% of the total transaction amount. SwipeNow’s Stimulus Package allows association members to eliminate the cost by adding this fee directly to the consumer automatically on all credit card payments. This fee is not collected on cash payments.

SwipeNow’s software is compatible with EMV chips and ApplePay and does not require a PIN pad.

Impact the bottom line right away

When customer swipe their cards, they are benefitting from credit card perks like airline points and cash back programs. The SwipeNow Stimulus Package is designed to let association member businesses benefit more from every transaction, just like customers do. The unprecedented environment we are in today due to COVID-19 means that businesses must leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding creative ways to save money and drive revenue.

Passing on the credit card fees to the consumer is an option you have now to impact the bottom line immediately.

Our priority is helping businesses thrive

At SwipeNow, we have been impressed and invigorated by all of the entrepreneurs and small business owners we partner with who are working hard to innovate and keep their company bottom line healthy. Our priority for more than 20 years has been providing the best possible service to our customers. Our new offering pushes this important effort even further, allowing business owners to not only survive but to thrive and continue playing a vital role in the community.